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At Fêtes de Fleur, we believe in the power of the community to grow, develop, and thrive. And more importantly we believe the pleasures of the world should be shared in the company of like-minded individuals! 


Our annual membership provides you access to a plethora of enriching events at our location. From cooking classes, panels, masterclasses to wine tastings, Paint Parties, author talks and more, a Fêtes de Fleur membership is your access to entertainment, knowledge and the greatest resource of all: A base of positive and impactful individuals eager for knowledge and ready to serve the community. Join us! 


Fêtes de Fleur Membership 


⁃ Free members only quarterly events  (Networking events to Cooking Classes, Wine Tastings, Panels, Finance and Real Estate Workshops and more.)

⁃ Early access to all Fêtes de Fleur events

⁃ 15% off ticketed events.

⁃ 15% discount on space bookings.

⁃ Opportunities to present your own workshops/series


Interested in joining? Please fill out this brief questionnaire to ensure we are a match! If you are a fit, we will send you a formal application via email. 

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